Validation as a service

A customer needs a continuous CSV service to keep their computerized systems valid in the long term. A proprietary, highly-complex logistics system, which has to be regularly adapted and expanded due to regulatory requirements and internal optimizations, should maintain its validity within EXCO’s "Validation-as-a-Service-model". Due to the criticality of the process, the products and types of delivery to be shipped, malfunction and failure in productive operation must be prevented.

EXCO Services
  • Conception of a life cycle validation strategy
  • Ensuring permanently valid operation
  • Support for all releases
  • Documentation as per customer specifications
Client benefits
  • Obtaining valid state
    Thanks to constant support from qualified CSV specialists, regulatory requirements are continuously fulfilled.
  • Calculating costs
    A service contract with fixed rates means customers can reliably plan their expenses to maintain their valid systems.
  • Scaling team strengths
    By temporarily adjusting the team strength for unplanned projects, optimal capacity is always available.
  • From a single source
    EXCO organizes and covers all topics of validation so that the customer can outsource all tasks and activities to a competent partner to maintain the valid status of his system.

US corporation with a focus on medical engineering, laboratory diagnostics and pharmaceuticals

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