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Software development - Web solutions

A client would like a REST-based web service to apply watermarks to documents (upon download). The application is to be integrated into a shop floor data management system and used worldwide at the various premises of the client (Europe, Asia, ...).


EXCO is to take on the development and documentation of the software and support the client in the start-up of the application.

 The client is commissioning EXCO with the:

  • Creation of a rough specification
  • Creation of a system description
  • Creation of a URI design
  • Development of software


In accordance with a rough specification and URI design, the REST-based web service will be developed taking into account the current technology that is available. With regard to the testability and future expandability, the application will be structured in a modular design. The software is based on defined and economically proven standards in order to facilitate smooth interaction with other software. Special attention is given to dealing with errors and their feedback to the user. The application will be regularly updated and expanded.

Customer benefits
  • Standardized access to documents via HTTP without the need to install additional software
  • Clear identifiability of documents and their access time due to the watermark
  • The software as a reliable component of a superordinate system (Shop Floor Data Management)
  • Low expense when expanding the software by additional components due to a modular application structure


Manufacturers of electronic components and sensors for factory and process automation, Germany, America and Asia.

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