Reference project

Relocation of laboratories at (bio)medical institutes

A university hospital has to move labs and offices of ten biomedical institutes. In addition to approximately 500 analytical instruments, frozen samples of biomaterial have to be relocated without risking temperature damages.

EXCO plans and manages the relocation project from preparation to final execution.


EXCO has to plan the relocation and to monitor the execution by applying the principles of a "validated relocation" through proven workflows and checklists.

Methods used
  • Providing RFQ documents for the relocation services
  • Supporting the lab visit of bidders
  • Preparing the relocation by involving key stakeholders in appointments and assignments, coordinating tasks, checking room allocation, coordinating schedules
  • Initiation of the relocation through kick-off, planning and training meetings
  • Planning, organizing, coordinating and supervision of relocation activities 
  • Follow-up including report of damages and deficiencies and final report

A methodically clear, planned procedure is essential. Otherwise, high requirements cannot be met without loss of quality. EXCO uses proven planning tools and appoints experienced project managers to ensure the success of the project.

Jörg Petrullat, Head of Unit Compliance Documentation, EXCO GmbH

Customer Benefit
  • Technically versed RFQ documents according to European and German regulations
  • Minimized disruption of laboratory productivity 


University hospital, Düsseldorf

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