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Radiochemical analytics in the controlled area of a nuclear power station

In the context of the dismantling of a decommissioned nuclear power station, the operator is looking for support with primary circuit decontamination. EXCO is to take liquid samples at the operational sampling points of the radiochemistry laboratory in the controlled area. The individual tasks include inspection of the chemical dosage, the activity and the products released during primary circuit decontamination in the form of hourly sampling and analyses.

Substantial efforts need to be made to achieve change in energy policy. With extensive laboratory experience, EXCO supports operators in the decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

Michael Ploss, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Chemistry Quality Consultant Laboratory Analysis
  • Radiochemical and/or power-plant chemical analyses
  • Determination of chemical elements (Fe, Cr, Ni, Zn, Mn) with ICP-OES, activity analyses of cobalt 60 as main nuclide
  • Activity analyses (gamma spectrometry) of liquid samples and resin flush samples
  • pH, conductivity, various titrations
Fulfilled requirements
  • Qualified radiation protection officer
  • Permit as per section 15 Radiation Protection Ordinance for work in third-party facilities
  • Passed background check as required by nuclear safety legislation
  • Occupational health examinations by an approved medical practitioner
  • Radiation passport
Client benefits
  • EXCO's extensive laboratory experience means only short times for familiarization with the required analytical methods
  • Short-term relief thanks to the deployment of additional staff

Utility group, Germany

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