Reference project

Modernization of an ultrafiltration plant

EXCO is to modernize an ultrafiltration plant from 1998 and bring it up to the latest state of technology. The technical documentation also needs updating or rewriting.

  • Software replacement
  • Evaluate risk and hazard potential
  • Inspect, expand operating instructions
  • Identification of standards
  • Adjustment to the state of technology


The challenge was to update a machine from 1998 without significantly changing it.

Technology used
  • Development of new software
  • Installation of new software
  • Maintenance and replacement of old components
  • Updating of circuit diagrams and the flow charts
  • Inspection of functionality after installation (SAT protocol)
  • Creation of a partial risk assessment for the modernization
  • Revision of the existing operating manual, review and create conformity
  • Establishment of security and state of technology
  • Preparation of the client’s documentation for total conformity
  • Inspection of fundamental change to the system

Customer benefits
  • Client is benefitting from the specialized competence in the field of product security and technical editing.
  • EXCO is offering a rapid and uncomplicated solution.
  • The client is prepared for the overall conformity without making fundamental changes to the machine.


Recycling plant, Germany

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