Method development for laboratory diagnostics

A customer wants to develop new diagnostic methods on the basis of biological markers. In point-of-care devices, biomarkers should be proven with a specific method through standardized reaction procedures. The customer entrusts EXCO with project tasks in the context of test strip development and the development of biochemical measurement methods.

We offer the highest quality and a reliable service to the manufacturers of diagnostic devices – so that diseases can be recognized at an early stage a nd treated correctly.

Natalie Burkhardt, Unit Leader, Laboratory Analysis and Methods Validation, EXCO GmbH

EXCO Services
  • Development of biochemical measuring methods in connection with the minimization of interferences
  • Immunoassay development, assay configuration
  • Chemical analysis and evaluation of input materials (purity, contamination, enzyme activity)
  • Order analytics and documentation
  • Construction and composition of a test strip in sample production
  • Execution of function tests with the constructed test strips

Client benefits
  • Advanced expert knowledgeQualified EXCO specialists work on the cutting edge of technology and GMP-relevant
  • Compliant methods
    The existing customer methods are now validated in accordance with the current guidelines of the life science industries.
  • One contact person
    One person responsible for the project, from the concept draft to laboratory activities and the final report.
  • Shorter development times
    EXCO employees are responsible for carrying out the laboratory analysis and the customer receives reliable information about the suitability of newly developed measurement methods and can significantly shorten their product’s development time.


Manufacturer of medical devices and diagnostic equipment

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