Reference project

Qualification and validation

A client contracts EXCO with the qualification of the test stations and the validation of the production line for a blood glucose meter.


The building of automated software tests takes place immediately after the specification of a test step. To be able to complete this during development and independently of the hardware these tests are simulated using software.

Technologies used
  • Test station framework developed by EXCO with simulated test links
  • Programming language C++, C#

Due to the close collaboration with the development department we were able to optimize the test interfaces and therefore hugely increase the efficiency during the verification phase.

Daniel Brendel, Head of Unit Process Qualification - Medical Technology, EXCO GmbH

Client benefits
  • Cost reduction due to synergy effects between development and validation.
  • Earlier availability of the production line through documented tests coming from development and then used for the qualification.


Medical technology manufacturer, Ireland/China

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