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Fully automated test stations for blood glucose meters

A new fully-automated test station for the production of glucose monitoring devices is to be developed and qualified. 2.5 million monitoring devices per year are to run through production.


EXCO is undertaking projects in the following fields:

  • Electronics development:
    • Design and construction of an electronic interface to the test specimen
  • Test station development:
    • Development of a test concept
    • Integration of the test station hardware and software into an automation system
  • Start-up and qualification

  • Prototype phase: As part of a study, various concepts were developed and evaluated. On the basis of a manual test set-up, the subsequent design was tested and finalized. The manual test set-up could be used for the production of prototype test specimens.
  • Integration of the automation system: By defining suitable interfaces, the monitoring tasks could be decoupled from the automation tasks so that both systems could be developed in parallel. It was possible to integrate them smoothly.
  • Close cooperation between the development and qualification team: Due to the early involvement of EXCO validation experts, the qualification could be completed very promptly after the development was completed.

Technology used
  • Object-oriented, proprietary test station framework, programming language C#
  • Automated tests using Microsoft Team Foundation Server using mock-ups (for unavailable hardware and software components)
  • Firmware development in C for Atmel Microcontroller

Customer benefits
  • Scalable design: By using additional measuring equipment, the performance can be increased (without changing hardware or software).
  • The prototype test station can still be used for error analyses and the rework cycle.


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