Fully automated function tester for PCBs

A customer needs function testers for the circuit boards used in blood glucose meters for his production line. EXCO is commissioned with the iterative development of the function tester and creates a test setup for manual testing for development and debugging, a semi-automatic tester for functional models, prototypes and the first batches as well as a fully automatic tester that is integrated into a production line with a unit capacity of 20 million units/year.

EXCO Services
  • Development of test strategy, test concept and system architecture
  • Development of test adapter incl. signal adjustments, interfaces
  • Switch cabinet design and construction
  • CE declaration of conformity
  • SW architecture, SW design, implementation and test
  • On-site start-up (FAT and SAT), product care and maintenance
  • Complete qualification (DQ, IQ and OQ)

Technologies used

Programming language C++ and C#

Client benefits
  • Use synergies
    The coordination effort for the customer is reduced by the provision of development, implementation and qualification from one single source, creating synergies.
  • Dynamic development process
    As part of the V-Model, development periods are divided into phases, thereby enabling the iterative approach with agile approaches.
  • Short development times
    The iterative approach and the use of a framework developed by EXCO for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic testing enabled the development time to be shortened.
  • Cost reduction
    With modular test frameworks in test bench construction, the development effort could be significantly reduced and costs were thereby lowered.


Manufacturer of blood sugar meters

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