Reference project

Development of software for product registration and approval

A client is looking for support in the management of registration and approval procedures for products, which are to be introduced in various regions throughout the world under various conditions.

EXCO is commissioned with the development of software, with which registration procedures can be designed, amended and monitored in a database.


The software developed by EXCO implements a workflow for registration procedures for various countries. As a result, the next steps and necessary documents are managed depending on the approval conditions. The software contains filtering and analysis options, an overview of the current registration status and the expected lead times. Document templates are automatically completed by the software.

The individual project steps include:

  • Requirements analysis (requirements engineering)
  • Analysis and documentation of business processes
  • Joint creation of a specification
  • Review and workshops about the requirements
  • Rough concept / Layout database / user interface
  • Creation of database, business logic, user interface
  • Creation of handbook and user training
  • System support
  • Presentation, review and adjustments

Now, valid statements about the status of the registration procedures can be made promptly and efficiently at any point.

David Schindler, IT Solutions, EXCO GmbH

Customer benefits
  • Excel sheets are replaced through an efficient management of the registration procedures.
  • Global applications of the derivative of the software help the client to save costs.


Pharmaceutical company, Mannheim

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