Reference Project

Development of alternative dosing concepts for the application of reagents

An association of academic and industrial partners wishes to develop an intelligent reagent cartridge: With alternative dosing concepts for the application of the reagents in in-vitro-diagnostic (IVD) analysis
sytems, the consumption of reagents should be minimized per determination, and the complexity and space requirements of the IVD laboratory systems reduced.

Working together, we developed optimum system concepts. This resulted in more flexibility and shorter development times.

Natalie Burkhardt, Scientific Services, EXCO GmbH


An inter-divisional team is to develop an „intelligent“ reagent cartridge which completes a sensor-controlled dosing process (0.25 – 50 μl/dosage) and therefore enables the realization of a new overall system concept.


EXCO develops a reagent cartridge with an integrated dispensing unit and linear valve control. The procedure developed in collaboration with the cooperation partners is patented.


Manufacturer of medical devices and diagnostic equipment, Germany


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