Reference project

Development and commissioning of test stations for the production of blood glucose meters

A client contracts EXCO with the development and commissioning of test stations: Significant collaboration for the creation of a testing concept for a semi-automatic production line with six-figure volume per year. Further development of the test stations parallel to the development of the equipment, starting with the testing of the functional models through to series production.


A test station framework developed in-house by EXCO is used. This contains a wide range of standard tasks such as the recording of the measuring signal, the activation of the periphery, linking with the database and the simulation of the hardware; only the project-specific testing steps require implementation.

Technologies used

Programming language C++ and C#

The synergies were put to optimum use, as we completed both the development and the validation.

Uwe Kass, Industrial Solutions, EXCO GmbH

Client benefits
  • Cost reduction and shorter development times due to the use of a framework developed by EXCO in-house which already fulfils a wide range of standard tasks.
  • Development and validation services from one single source lead to a reduced coordination workload for the client.


Manufacturer of medical devices and diagnostic equipment, Germany

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