Design verification for a point-of-care device

A medical device manufacturer is developing a new diagnostic glucose measuring device for point-of-care testing for professional applications. EXCO provides the customer with support during the development by verifying the new device’s hardware and software.

EXCO Services
  • HW verification tests: Planning, specification and execution
  • Hardware design of the analog front end in PSpice, worst-case simulations and tolerance analyzes
  • Coordination and support of the device tests in external laboratories
  • Software for verification tests: definition, specification
  • Creation of the test framework for manual and automated software tests
  • Source code and document reviews
Client benefits
  • Reliable execution
    On-site hardware verification includes the coordination or execution of tests in the customer’s own or accredited test laboratories (EMC, climate simulations, mechanical tests, etc.).
  • Customer-focused design verification
    Our experienced teams carry out hardware and software verification for embedded systems, complete medical devices or PC-based medical devices flexibly and in proximity to our customer.
  • Compliant documentation
    The test specifications are created in accordance with the currently applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Safe product launch
    Due to EXCO’s extensive product knowledge, your product is launched safely in a much shorter time scale.

Manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostic equipment

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