Reference project

Automation for a beverage producer

A client (technical service provider in plant construction) wants to install a sheet filter system in a machine used for drinks manufacturing, so that the manufactured products are free from germs and bacteria. Filtering of different products should be possible: from fruit juices to sugar syrup.

  • EXCO is creating the software to control the individual filtration programs.
  • The planning and initial tests will take place in Germany.
  • The set-up in the Near East will be carried out within a tight time frame, which is dictated by the production procedures.


To ensure secure, smooth and hygienic operation of the filter, three groups of programs have been designed. To clean the mechanics (tanks and pipes), several CIP programs have been installed, which are controlled by the client using an interface. Before each filter use with a new filter cartridge, the filter must be sterilized. To do this, a water cycle is generated by the filter, which is heated to approx. 120°C using a heat exchanger. After a brief cooling phase, production can then be started. To do this, there is a series of programs available, depending on which medium is to be filtered and to where the filtered product should be pumped. The challenge of the set-up was in coordinating the ongoing production with the upcoming function tests and software runs, which were carried out using water in as realistic a setting as possible but which also could not disrupt the production of the connected processes.

Technology used
  • Siemens Step 7
  • WinCC Flexible

Customer benefits

The client receives competent project support.


Technical service provider in plant construction, Near East / Germany

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