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Agile software development in rail transport

A customer manufactures systems for the collection, monitoring and evaluation of data with safety relevance of rail vehicles and wants to improve the existing data management system, which is used to display and evaluate all measured data, and bring it up to date with the latest technology.


Standardized approach: The developers of EXCO have created an application-specific program code based on standardized frameworks. The frameworks support standards available on the market and ensure good reusability, easy adaptability and reduced development costs.

Agile software development: To complement an existing requirement specification, the 6-member EXCO team has chosen an agile approach: 14-day sprints have been defined based on the SCRUM model. In addition, an executable customer version has been created every month and reviewed jointly with the customer. The resulting feedback by the customer consistently resulted in continuous improvement.

Technologies used
  • Angular framework
  • Net framework
  • Adapted SCRUM model

The agile software development has enabled us to respond to customer requests more quickly. The team's personal responsibility and self-organization have also been strengthened, with an added benefit for the client.

Christian Müller, Project Manager, Application Development, Development & Solutions, EXCO GmbH
Customer benefit
  • More effective, quicker and goal-oriented development method thanks to an agile approach
  • The customer benefited from a fixed-price offer despite the agile implementation of their project and constant interaction with the developer team

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