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EXCO Data Analytics: Efficient Data Analysis

Cost reduction due to time saving

A new client project generated an unprecedented flood of data. The solutions for data analysis used thus far reached their limits. EXCO was to develop new more efficient solutions for data analysis.


A professional requirements analysis was carried out. Based on the software systems and databases used by the client, new and efficient algorithms were implemented.

Technology used
  • No-SQL-database
  • Vectorized analysis algorithms
  • Application development within the analysis platform of the client

Now, the clients have time to deal with the interpretation of their analyses, instead of the analyses themselves.

Alexander Klaus, IT Quality Service, EXCO GmbH

Client benefits
  • The time taken for the client to analyze data has been reduced by 90%.
  • No additional training was required for employees and no new, expensive software products were required.


Manufacturer of medical devices, Mannheim

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