Range of Services

EXCO ist the partner of the regulated industries...

  • EXCO as a partner of the pharmaceutical industry

    EXCO takes the pressure off for its producing customers in the pharmaceutical industry. As a supplier of qualification and validation services, in automation and process control engineering, through the development of software, systems and test procedures.
  • EXCO as a partner of health companies

    The market for biomedical technology products lives for innovations. Complex medical products with embedded systems help to diagnose and treat diseases. So that technical challenges can be overcome, EXCO supports major health companies with its extensive range of services.

  • EXCO as a partner of life science companies

    Biotechnology is a cross-sectional technology, which is used in a wide range of industries in production and research & development. German biotechnology is among the international elite of its kind. EXCO supports companies working in life science technology so that products can be ready for market launch quickly and safety.

  • EXCO as a partner of the food industry

    In the food industry, strict hygiene regulations and legal regulations must be complied with during the manufacturing process. As a specialist for automation solutions and control and process control technology, EXCO also has extensive knowledge about quality assurance measures in line with international regulations.

  • EXCO as a partner of the chemical industry

    The chemical industry is characterized by a high degree of automation, laborious process technology and particularly high standards of security and quality. EXCO has proven expertise in process engineering and process control technology with a particular focus on security, quality assurance and flexibility.

  • EXCO as partner when quality, safety and security matter

    EXCO is active primarily in those sectors where products and processes must meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, efficiency and safety: EXCO provides tailor-made project support in product, laboratory and production environments.

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