From Big Data to Smart Data

EXCO Data Analytics:
See today what will happen tomorrow

Research, production and processes in Industry 4.0. generate a flood of data.
With experience and competence we ensure that valuable data (Smart Data) is extracted from the mass (Big Data). We combine professional data management and intelligent data analysis as one service.

Quality improvement, process optimization and cost reduction are your advantages.

Our range of services

  • Networking your data with individual database solutions
  • Data analysis with performant algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Validation of the software solution also ensures compliance within the GMP environment
  • Visualization of data modelling

The EXCO approach

1.    Free analysis of potentials and requirements
2.    Smart Data concept development
3.    Structure and network data
4.    Algorithm development & data analysis
5.    Preparation of results and visualization

We can structure, network and refine your data to create additional value, supporting you from the conception to commissioning of your optimized software solutions and analysis systems.

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